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All music authors need this organization called ASCAP. I am delighted to endorse them. Here is their link.

It is with great honor and love that we provide this link to a website whose owner Dame Vera Lynn has given so much during and after WWII, and now gives to children. Please do visit her website.



Thank you for visiting. I hope you find this experience uplifting and a pleasant interlude to your daily life. This is where we say hello, I suppose. My name is Alfred Williams, ASCAP. I am way older than is fair, for those of you racing toward my horizon, slow down and enjoy your life. I'm in my seventies, in love with my wife, and have been looking for a way to give back in a subject that has given me much joy as well as sorrow in this life. All material on this site is for your use, free of charge. "Her Highness" thought I should put a couple of pieces of music that we, mostly she, has enjoyed through the years that I have composed or arranged, and am performing with with the assistance of MIDI ( Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

The embedded music you are currently listening to (hopefully), is a collection of writings I have written over the years. You will find the individual files below, plus more. The titles as you hear them here are Julio (for the vibraphone), Julio (for ensemble), Evie (for ensemble), Doubtful Crossings (for Oboe and Orchestra), Ebollimento ( for Violin and Orchestra), Fairy's Dance (for Harmonica and ensemble), and Jazz Suite (for jazz ensemble). Evie likes the writings of Julio, I think, because it was written with our intention of impressing Julio Iglesias with our admiration for his contribution to the latin music scene. I am performing the writings here with the assistance of a computer program and a Yamaha PSR keyboard, interfaced.

I hope you enjoy them.

My wife Evelyn, is an honest to goodness "Royalady", to whom I am totally devoted, and she tolerates much more than she should.

I have, throughout my life, composed and taught music to children. I created this page because the occasion occurs when I need to send a file or so, and email clients are limited to how much a person can send. Hopefully there is room to put a file here for sharing. I used to teach piano, and I composed music which utilized MIDI recordings that permitted the student to perform with an orchestra within a few weeks of lessons. The first writing I am listing here, is entitled A Song For Venessa for Piano and Orchestra. This young lady of about eight years of age had taken about three months of piano lessons when she learned this piece. Please be sure to download the files below, print the written music, make a CD of the orchestral accompaniment, and play the audio files. Put them together and what have you got? A really neat experience for a beginning or advanced student of music. I hope you enjoy it. There is a file below, Download MP3 Recordable Audio Files, which I composed, for your listening pleasure. You can reach us by email at You can also access a new download entitled Learning Piano, which is a self paced piano education course I have written for new students for piano. It is for those who would like to learn on their own, and you can email me whenever you wish with any questions you may have. You will discover that it is incomplete, and that is a deliberate maneuver on my part. Should you be interested in completing such a course, I would like feedback on your progress, and perhaps customize the concluding parts to fit your needs. No charge, just want to make sure your progress is on track. Good luck with your new learning venture. Got questions? Drop me a note at On a final note, no pun intended, there is one file I particularly have a soft spot for, and that is the folder below, entitled A Perfect World for Children's Chorus and Orchestra. It contains an additional video performance of this writing by a school group of children from the Marvista Elementary School in Normandy Park, WA. The words of A Perfect World have been written by lyricist, Miss Joann Teem, ASCAP. The piece commemorated the Oklahoma City bombing and was recorded at the school and sent to the Oklahoma City School District, for the children of Oklahoma City, OK. I hope you enjoy it. You can also see and hear it on Youtube.


Download Venessa for Piano and Orchestra.

Download Concerto in C. for Piano and Orchestra

Download Fairy's Dance for Harmonica and Orchestra.

Download My Name Is Damon.

Download Amber for Piano and Orchestra.

Download Doubtful Crossings for Oboe and Orchestra.

Download Evie for Piano and Orchestra.


Download Zachariah for Piano and Clarinet.

Download Ebollimento for Violin and Orchestra.

Download Ebollimento for Guitar and Orchestra.

Download My Heart Cries Out for Voice and Orchestra.

Download A Perfect World for Children's Chorus and Orchestra.


Download "Learning Piano" Self-Paced Piano Lessons.


In order to hear the entire album now, double click on the "0.myroyaladyCD.mp3" file in the download section of this album. Performed here by Alfred Williams. Use the following link to get to the download area for this album..Download MP3 Recordable Audio Files






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